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It was a recce visit at a Nadia district village to start our new centre on digital literacy when we met Montu, who has just passed his Post Graduate. He was very intrigued about what our centres can train them. A short conversation later, we found, he had qualified preliminary rounds of a few government jobs. However, he was getting stuck because of English as a language barrier. In most states of eastern India, English isn't prioritized if you aren't a city being. While there is a high concentration of English medium schools in urban area, the students in the villages have to stay happy with regional language. Now, for millions of Montus in West Bengal and the adjoining states, being not good at an acceptable global language means compromising on their ambitions.

 It is a fact universally acknowledged that the ability to express fluently in both written as well as oral form of language is very much essential for one's career. The problem in the villages is while a few students do learn English, most of them cannot communicate. This makes them less qualified for jobs of their dream.

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To bridge this gaping imbalance between talent and skill, Advaita Bodhi Foundation is building Advaita Bodhi Global Lab, a first of its kind English language laboratory exclusively made for rural India. Designed with the best acoustics and technology, this lab will handheld the students of the rural communities to master this international language. 

This will be an open space for the students to come and interact. There are fixed modules for students of class 5th, 6th, and 7th to begin with. The students will master not just the written language but also learn to speak with fluency.

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