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Digital Literacy


Introducing the marginalized communities to the universe of smart phones - using Maps, E-commerce, Emails, Saving Documents, Downloading forms etc.

Rural Career Guidance


We have introduced career counselling for rural students. From guiding them through their school education to post school studies, our expert counsellors analyse individual skill set in order to guide young students to select the courses that is best fitted for them.

English Language Labs

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Advaita Bodhi Foundation is building Advaita Bodhi Global Lab, a first of its kind English language laboratory exclusively made for rural India. Designed with the best acoustics and technology, this lab will handheld the students of the rural communities to master this international language. 

Digital Banking

Image by David Dvořáček

India has taken a bold step towards a cashless economy. We are training the marginalized communities the convenience of digital payment to help them progress.

Primary level e-learning


We believe that teaching young minds in interesting ways can make them curious and inquisitive. We develop interactive e-learning that aims to introduce young minds to playful education through digital tools.

Handicraft artists selling online

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Through our digital literacy drives, we are engaging with handicraft artists to induct them to the world of ecommerce. With platforms like Amazon, they are able to sell further and earn more.

Financial Literacy


We are providing the rural masses and especially the women, the financial know-how that would equip and empower them with the confidence to lead a more financially informed life.

Rights and Privileges


The government guarantees fundamental rights for the communities and offers schemes for upliftment. We inform the beneficiaries through communication tools.

Making youth job-ready

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The youth in the rural communities are struggling to find decent job because they aren't exposed to the changing world of education. We are training them on digital skills that would help them become employable.

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