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Purnima, a high schooler, has a dream to learn more about weaving, gain a scientific knowledge of fabric and a technical knowledge of designing, so that she can help her family business of traditional taant (a special type of traditional weaving specifically done in arts of Bengal and Bangladesh) weaving. She, however, did not know where to look for guidance. This is the fate of the rural youth.

While India is busy producing graduates with uniform degrees, the rate of rural unemployment keeps on increasing. Rural students like Purnima do not just need education, they need the proper type of education that would bring them into mainstream organized sector. They need the proper skill set that guarantees them wages to sustain themselves and their families. Navigating the problem of early marriages and family’s financial struggles, rural youths need employment-driven academic skills.

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To bridge this gaping imbalance between talent and skill, Advaita Bodhi Foundation has introduced career counselling for rural students. From guiding them through their higher secondary course selection to post school studies, our expert counsellors analyse individual skill sets in order to guide young students to select the courses that are best fitted for them. Advaita Bodhi believes that rural India has a rich pool of talent and potential. All they need is guidance to make the right career choices. Advaita Bodhi career counseling team aims to guide rural youths like Purnima and many more like her, so that they can use their skill set to build a career that sustains them and their family and contribute to the overall economic development. 

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People in Indian cities are no stranger to career fairs, where number of institutions gather at one place to talk about their courses and opportunities. 

Rural India has no such opportunities. Students rely on 'word of mouth' to choose their goals. To end such discrepancies, we are planning a Career Yatra where our trained career counsellors can reach the marginalized communities and tell them about job-oriented courses. There are several courses that one may take and get a job. Advaita Bodhi will bridge that gap. 

Career Yatra 2022 is scheduled in the month of November. Feel free to join us.


At Advaita Bodhi, we have always talked about information poverty. Not staying informed about new opportunities is also somewhat responsible for the rising unemployment in the villages.

We are building a website exclusively for the vast rural audience who can get regular updates on job-ready courses, career avenues after +2 and more.

This website will be heavy on information, language and rural-focused to ensure our beneficiaries can make the most of it.

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