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Manisha Das studies in class 9th at a government high school in the Aranghata Gram Panchayat of Nadia district in West Bengal. A studious girl, Manisha, wants to become an engineer when she grows up. She went to Kolkata recently for an inter-school competition she participated in. From the students studying in city based English medium schools, she has got to know of various terms in the world of technology. A word that stuck with her is coding. She also met someone who is learning to code. She wants to learn but doesn't know how.

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The government sponsored high schools in rural Bengal are no longer wretched houses that leak rain water from the ceiling in monsoon. They have been modified into double-storeyed, even triple storeyed buildings, thanks to the government's proactiveness. But it is a fact, these schools do not have the infrastructure to offer 21st century tech-enabled courses that would make the students future-ready. It’s not just these schools in the villages but most of them even in the urban areas. 


You would agree that coding, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are no longer simple buzzwords. But we see their presence everyday whenever we take up a smartphone. Tomorrow’s workforce will need students who are well versed in technology. 


Hence, we want to build Smart Libraries which we call Advaita Bodhi Smart Pragati Labs. These would be open spaces for learning with digital infrastructure. There would be sufficient numbers of computers, LED screens for the students to walk in and learn newer courses. Not just tech, but also power skill developing courses like Spoken English, Motivation, Yoga and whatever they want to. In collaboration with Bharat Unlimited, we are developing modules that would effectively help these children to become ready for tomorrow. 

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  • Basics of Smartphone

  • Basics of internet

  • Software

  • Hardware

  • Oracle

  • Java

  • C++

  • Artificial Intellegence

  • Machine Learning

  • Coding

  • Business Management

  • Spoken English

  • Retail Management

  • Design 

  • Yoga

  • Innovation

  • Women Studies

  • Folk Literature

  • Music

  • Ethics and heritage


  • To provide equal digital access through digital connectivity.

  • To empower the information deprived communities with digital information and information services.

  • To promote diversity, inclusivity and sustainability.


  • To protect the environment and local heritage and culture.

  • To ensure digital inclusion of the information starved remote and rural communities.

  • To train these people with knowledge and to equip them with digital and connectivity tools and resources.


We are planning to pilot this project across 10 schools in West Bengal to begin with and understand the response. The infrastructure will be provided by us. The modules will be provided to students at a nominal cost of Rs 50. 


300 used/ new computers

35 projectors/ LED

35 printers
Internet data subscription

Estimated budget: INR 6 lakhs


If you have a used computer that is in decent working condition and you are in need of an upgrade consider donating to us. In return, we would offer a Certificate of Appreciation and gift vouchers.


Be our ambassador. Help us organize fund raising camps in your office and campus. This can be a weekend fund activity with social impact. For detail, write to us:

N.B: For donations, we offer tax exemption under 80G. You will be exempted from paying tax on the amount donated to us.

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