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When we first met Lakshmi, a young bubbly girl, she could not stop complaining about how her family has lost most of their savings over a spam call. We heard similar such incidents in Lakshmi’s neighbourhood. This neighbourhood precariously balances itself on the paradox of modernity where every family owns one smartphone, but nobody is quite sure how to navigate the complex world of the internet.

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All this while the statistics of digital literacy rate in India were merely statistics to us but once we came to know these families, the digital void showed up Infront of us as a startling reality. The digital world is a distant knowledge to them, much shrouded in the fear. Lakshmi and her friends make their way to the poorly- managed local primary school every morning only in the hope of a mid-day meal. The youths of this neighbourhood are barely aware of the various national schemes that they could benefit from. 

Lakshmi is not just a single name. Facing a world that we previously had no inkling about, all we wanted was to find a way to help Lakshmi and many more like her. Advaita Bodhi is a humble step in that direction. We started with a vision to empower the marginalized and information deprived communities, and help them to access, consume and produce information online using digital tools. Since then, Advaita Bodhi Foundation has been working steadfastly to end information poverty by helping the Lakshmis of rural India gain the digital knowledge that would empower them build a better and brighter life for themselves and for the people around them. 

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  • Basics of Smartphone

  • Basics of internet

  • How to save/share documents

  • Digital Payment

  • Internet Banking

  • Online Insurance

  • Online Bill Payment

  • Safe payment

  • Safe Card Transaction

  • Online PAN/Aadhar/ Voter Card

  • Railway Ticket/ Hotel Booking

  • Selling on Amazon, Flipkart

  • Filling up of forms

  • Guidance on careers using internet

  • Guidance on education

  • Searching for jobs

  • Social media 

  • Safety in social media

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Fake News

  • How to stop fake news

  • Internet rights

  • Lodging Online Grievance


  • To provide equal digital access through digital connectivity.

  • To empower the information deprived communities with digital information and information services.

  • To promote diversity, inclusivity and sustainability.


  • To protect the environment and local heritage and culture.

  • To ensure digital inclusion of the information starved remote and rural communities.

  • To train these people with knowledge and to equip them with digital and connectivity tools and resources.


- Chorsorati JPU, Nadia
- Birnagar JPU, Nadia
- Choto Jhauri (tribal) JPU, Jhargram 


- Majdia (Indo-Bangla border), Nadia
- Sundarban, S 24 Pgns
- Chhatna, Bankura 

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