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We have seen in the past how lack of finance has often interrupted learning for the underprivileged students in the rural communities. With the government now providing regular monetary support to the families and one-time support for the reserved category student, the problem seemed to have died down. However, post-Covid lockdown and people losing their livelihoods, suddenly there is a rise in poverty. At such a moment, Advaita Bodhi along with some kind-hearted people across the world have thought of extending the scholarship.


Since 2003, our esteemed board member, Ganesh Mandal has been providing financial aid to the students in India who wish to pursue higher education, but lacked stable financial earning. This merit-means based scholarship program has produced many successful students who are now helping the society through their work.

This has been a major inspiration to the co-founders of Advaita Bodhi Foundation. Taking the baton forward, Advaita Bodhi Foundation will offer scholarships to meritorious and needy students in Bengal.

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  • Technology based education

  • Medicine based education

  • Professional Courses

  • Vocational trainings

  • Courses that impact society directly


  • Student must pass 10+2

  • Monthly household earning should be less than Rs 8,000

  • Student must be a domicile resident of the state of West Bengal


  • Student must enrol in one of the courses sited on the left

  • Must have a consistent high score in school level

To apply, fill this form

We will contact you if your application is shortlisted

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